Now you can serve the many, not just the noisy.


Introducing FlashVote ™

FlashVote is the only citizen engagement tool that:

  • Engages your busiest citizens
  • Collects scientifically valid data
  • Gets actionable results in days or hours
  • Requires minimal to no staff effort
  • Pays for itself

Harness the wisdom of the crowd the way you’ve always wanted.

The best way to engage your community.

Citizens and governments already love FlashVote. Here’s just some of their unsolicited feedback:



“It was incredibly easy.”

“This product holds the potential of changing my political affiliation from disgusted to engaged!”

“That was cool.”

“I was immediately satisfied.”

“I love it.”



“FlashVote is the best thing to happen in this community in the 30 years I’ve been here.”

“A great process.”

“A dream come true.”

“You’ve got a real hit here!”

“Nothing else is doing this.”

Enjoy a full year of the best citizen engagement you’ve ever had.

Why FlashVote?


Reach the most citizens

Dramatically increase and diversify your public engagement

No matter what you are doing now to involve your citizens, face-to-face or online, we can increase your participation by a multiple of 2x, 5x, 10x or more. Immediately.

We’ll reach citizens you aren’t – the busy, the disengaged, even the offline. And we’ll keep them actively engaged for you. Instead of just self-selected “scripted screamers” and “usual suspects”, you’ll be delighted to hear from your “busy majority” whenever you want.


Better engagement processes

Questions are always edited by experts

Yes, we collect input that is representative of your whole community. But we go even further. We ensure high quality data and timely results. Our monthly and on-demand surveys get you the informed feedback you need, whenever you need it.

Each FlashVote question goes through more than 20 points of expert quality control and is edited to ensure unbiased and meaningful data collection. Then we launch to your community and deliver complete results in 48 hours or less. You get an unprecedented combination of the highest quality and highest speed of engagement.


Incredibly valuable results

Make better decisions with reliable data

Unlike public meetings, online forums or online surveys, you can rely on FlashVote to tell you what your community really thinks and wants. We get past the noise and self-selection biases with statistically significant and scientifically valid data collection. You can act confidently with the information that you need to delight your citizens and get more bang for their bucks.

How useful are these results? We’ve already helped one of our customers save over $1,100 per citizen while improving their services. Imagine if we could help you save $100 or even $10 per citizen while making them happier — all for much less than $1 per citizen. You won’t find anywhere near this much value with any other approach. FlashVote can easily pay for itself the first time you use it.


Minimum time and effort

Less than one hour a year to operate

You and your community provide the issues and questions. We handle everything else. Nothing could be easier or simpler.

We’ll invite and enroll your citizens. We’ll manage all of their customer service and technical support. We’ll launch surveys, on-demand and prescheduled, and collect inputs by email, text and voice. We’ll compile and calculate the data. We’ll deliver results to your inbox with links to our advanced analytics. Great community engagement and data are produced automatically while FlashVote and your citizens do all the work.


Designed exclusively for governments

All the features you’ve wished for and “no-brainer” pricing.

Three years ago FlashVote emerged from a collaboration of government experts and world-class technologists. We saw the problems with first generation online engagement tools and set out to fix them. Today, after extensive citizen and government testing, we’ve have met our goals for unrivaled performance and “no-brainer” pricing.

We are excited to be making our FlashVote service available and affordable for every local government in the USA. Whether you are a county, city, town, village or special district we would love for you to be our next customer and we can get you started now.

Have more questions? Want a quick demo? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at (888) 244-0301.

It’s a no-brainer. Or at least that’s what governments tell us.